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How to use MinGW Cross Compiler on Fedora

Required environment on your Fedora

Minimum environment required for MinGW Cross Compile on Fedora is:

  • mingw32-binutils
  • mingw32-cpp
  • mingw32-filesystem
  • mingw32-gcc
  • mingw32-gcc-c++
  • mingw32-runtime
  • mingw32-w32api

These packages above can be obtained from Fedora 10 repository. You can install these by typing in the following:

$ su
$ yum install mingw32-\*

Primary RPM repositries of Fedora/MinGW are:

In this site, some particular packages are covered as well as rebuild version of RPM/SRPMs found in Fedora development FTP site.

Also, it would be better to install tools related to development software. If you don't have all of typical development tools on your system, please install these tools by typing in the followings:

$ su
$ yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

Configure Wine for MinGW Cross Compile environment

Wine is used for executing Win32 .exe files generated by MinGW Cross Compile environment. If you don't have Wine on your Linux, installing Wine is strongly recommended. To do this, just typing in the followings:

$ su
$ yum install wine

First of all, you need to set the path to DLLs of the MinGW Cross Compile environment on Wine. When you execute Wine at the first time, such like 'wine cmd', default setting files are automatically generated in $HOME/.wine.

executes Wine at the first time

figure : Wine executed at the first time

For modifying PATH variable on Wine, please refer the following site:

Or, you can modify registry of Wine by regedit.

$ regedit &
Wine regedit

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